Maria Muldaur Would You Like To Swing On A Star

2:51 Would You Like To Swing On A Star? 2:52 Would You Like To Swing On A Star 2:56 Maria Muldaur-Songs For The Young At Heart-Swing On A Star 3:47 At The Codfish Ball 2:52 Swing With It 2:52 Swing With It,Nick Gravenites,Mike Bloomfield,Paul Butterfield,Maria Muldaur 4:51 Everybody Cryin Mercy 2:48 Maria Muldaur - Swingin In The Rain (Track 03 - Idve Baked A Cake) 5:47 Gee Baby Aint I Good For You (Feat. Maria Muldaur) 3:51 The Diplomat 4:49 Sweet Harmony 2:18 On The Sunny Side Of The Street| Fred Penner & Maria Muldaur 2:13 Swinging On A Star 3:28 The Circus Song 3:55 I Am Sailin 3:05 Maria Muldaur Cooking Breakfast For The One I Love 4:21 Maria Muldaur - Lonesome Star Blues - 1972 Blues 3:28 Trombone Man Blues